General Info


A satellite event organized during Techsylvania will allow you to tap into a new like-minded audience and reach people in a new and more direct way. Typically, smaller than regular conferences they will allow you to have a more focused audience.

Held in partnership with Techsylvania the event will have the advantage to be promoted in a community with more than 6.5k subscribers. Hosting a satellite event comes with complimentary tickets to the conference and the possibility for cross promotion.

This is a change to create a personalized series of new and inspiring events. Satellites come with the freedom of being hosted in any desired place, unconventional spaces or classic conference rooms. Only the imagination and the creativity of the host is the limit. We encourage everyone to be bold and go out of the box!

Open to public

Build an audience!

Make it accessible! We encourage you to host a satellite open to the public, as well as Techsylvania tickets holders.

Variety of different locations

Be innovative!

You have the freedom to host a satellite event in your own venue or another location at your choice. Make it a place that represents you, the company or the chosen theme.

Inspiring events

Spread the word!

To ensure your event is a success and it reaches everyone that could benefit from it we encourage you to promote it and to invite your colleagues and customers in order to raise attendance.