What are the Workshops?

Attend carefully curated, accessible only for ticket holders Techsylvania workshops. Created for an ultimate hands-on experience, provided by some of the most qualified experts and companies from around the world, the ten workshops will offer answers to technical questions, product challenges and business development issues. The workshops are available during the conference days, on the 11–12 of June. The capacity is up to 100 people. Join one of the ten informative and interactive workshops.

Accessible only for ticket holders

Capacity of up to 60 people

Addressing hot issues of the 21st-century

Workshop Hosts

Ashley Carroll USA Partner at Social Capital (Runs a $1.2 Billion VC Fund)
David Campbell Senior Software Developer at Macadamian
Mihail Subtirelu Front End Developer - Metro Systems
Adrian Staniloiu Senior Frontend Developer at Metro Systems
Alexandra-Diana Cohutiu Managing Associate at Laurentiu, Laurentiu & Associates
Anabela Luca CEO at adLemonade
Laszlo Kovacs Managing Director at CyberSolutions
Vlad Trifa Chief Product Officer at Ambrosus
Julia Krysztofiak-Szopa President of the Board at Startup Poland
Daniel Sarbe VP of R&D at Connatix
Stefan Mathe Romania Senior Computer Vision Engineer at Bosch Engineering Center
Paul Dragan Romania Computer Vision Engineer at Bosch Engineering Center Center
Dan Mihaiescu Romania Founding Partner at GapMinder Venture Partners
Cristi Lungu Romania Senior Machine Learning Engineer at ComplyAdvantage

Topics include

  • Deep Learning for Automated Driving
  • Building Image Classification Models for Medical Diagnostic
  • Adverse Media Threat Intelligence using Machine Learning
  • Product Management Best Practices
  • Exploring GraphQL with React and Node.js
  • Raising Funding For Your Startup: From The Classic VC-type Funding to Blockchain Cryptocurrencies and ICOs Based Funding
  • I’m a Small Company, But I Like To Think Big: Online Marketing Case Studies
  • Driving Personalization for Leading E-commerce Vendors
  • Start Your BigData Experience Today with Apache Spark
  • Fundraising for Technology Products in CEE
  • IoT <3 Blockchain: How to Build a Trusted Web of Things
  • Startup Breeding in Central Eastern Europe. Where to Go and What to Expect?

Deep Learning for Automated Driving - Stefan Mathe and Paul Dragan (Bosch Engineering Center)

Automated driving is one of the most cutting edge technologies developed today and that will impact our daily life. Following its invented for life motivation, Bosch is developing a broad range of technologies, from innovative assistance systems for more safety & comfort in the traffic, to partly and highly automated functions that make driving much easier, and then to fully automated driving. Little by little Bosch is paving the way towards the self-driving car.

One of the artificial intelligence methods that makes highly and fully automated driving possible is deep learning, a sub-field of the well-known machine learning domain. During the workshop we will explain how artificial intelligence methods, including deep learning, are used at different levels in the innovative technology stack of an automated driving system, and will explain at tutorial how deep learning can be used for computer vision problems (objects detection and classification of objects, semantic segmentation of traffic scenes etc) and what are the challenges of bringing such artificial intelligence methods in series vehicles.

Workshop Partner

Building Image Classification Models for Medical Diagnostics - David Campbell (Macadamian)


As the age of AI dawns, all domains of healthcare will be transformed. Computer-aided medical diagnostics, for example, will become the standard. Many different health monitoring systems and diagnostics can be automated using a variety of machine learning algorithms.

This workshop will briefly cover some AI algorithms and how they can be applied to healthcare in a variety of areas such as patient recovery, home care, and wireless body area network (WBAN) security.

The workshop will mainly focus on image classification using convolutional neural networks (CNN) at a high level. Using a deep learning framework called Caffe, an image classification model will be built. The workshop will demonstrate how to train the model using a set of labeled retina images to detect early signs of diabetes. Using the trained CNN, image classification will be demonstrated to determine the likelihood of a retina image showing signs of diabetes.

Tools/Software required:

Skills required:

No coding skills are necessary. An introduction to the Caffe modeling language will be covered. Using this language, participants will build an image classification model and train it using a labeled training set of images.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Overview of important machine learning algorithms and their potential applications in the healthcare domain
  • Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) and image classification
  • How to build a data model for image classification
  • How to train the image classification model using a set of labeled images
  • How to classify images using the trained model
  • How to transfer the state of the trained model so it can be used to classify images on devices with limited resources such as phones

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Adverse Media Threat Intelligence using Machine Learning - Cristian Lungu (ComplyAdvantage)

Media is powerful and informative, but considering how much content we skim through on feeds, wall posts, news articles and press releases how much of this do we actually digest?


For bankers and Financial Crime Officers, every detail is critical. Missing key information about a terrorism suspect, fugitive or a corruption scandal could cost them their job.

This talk will explore how the recent advancements in machine learning can be used to overcome this problem and derive insightful information from media articles.

Workshop Partner

Product Management Best Practices - Ashley Carroll (Social Capital)

Discover the best practices in product management and analyze the process step by step. The workshop will offer an answer to the most difficult question you should ask yourself before entering the “product management” system: “What is Product Management”?. The talk will take the participants through topics like “Product Vision vs. Execution”; “Product Roadmaps”; “Product’s Role in Growth”; “Product Team Structure” and “Product Team OKRs”.

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Exploring GraphQL with React and Node.js - Mihail Subtirelu and Adrian Staniloiu (Metro Systems)

GraphQL is a new API-definition and query language which makes it easy for UI components to declaratively fetch data without backend implementation bottleneck.

By using GraphQL we can simplify the app development process by making the code much easier to maintain.

The scope of this workshop is to get up and running a small React application that uses GraphQL and NodeJS.

Workshop Partner

Raising Funding For Your Startup: From The Classic VC-type Funding to Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and ICOs Based Funding – The Legal Perspective - Alexandra Cohutiu (Laurentiu, Laurentiu & Associates)

An insight into the legal process of funding a startup and choosing one or more financing methods.

The legal challenges of the different methods of financing a startup, from the classic VC-type funding to raising funding using blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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IoT <3 Blockchain: How to Build a Trusted Web of Things - Vlad Trifa (Ambrosus)

In this workshop, we will give a brief overview of the Web of Things (WoT) paradigm, how it was born, how it works, and especially how it contrasts with the Internet of Things. Through a few concrete hands-on examples, we’ll learn how to rapidly build and interact with Web-connected devices and products using Javascript. Afterwards, we will briefly introduce the Blockchain technology and illustrate how it can be used to create trust in the supply chains, and finally – we’ll introduce Ambrosus, and open-source infrastructure that allows developers and businesses to rapidly digitalise their supply chains and create digital identities and show you some practical examples how to enable embedded devices to talk securely to the blockchain.

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Start Your BigData Experience Today with Apache Spark - Daniel Sarbe (Connatix)

Apache Spark is currently the fastest growing project in the Big Data environment. Spark is a powerful open source processing engine built around speed, ease of use, and sophisticated analytics. It’s an ideal solution for ETL jobs, machine learning, SQL, streaming and graph processing. Spark’s popularity is due the fact that it excels in in-memory computations, which is some cases is 10x-100x faster than Hadoop MapReduce.

During the workshop we work in Python. For best results you should have some knowledge of at least one: SQL, Java, C#, Python or other programming or scripting language.

If you bring your laptop at the workshop, you can clone a predefined Notebook and run live all the examples that we discuss during the workshop.

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Startup Breeding in Central Eastern Europe. Where to Go and What to Expect? - Julia Krysztofiak-Szopa (Startup Poland)

What do us, Central Eastern Europeans, have in common when it comes to building fast growing tech companies? What’s our advantage compared to the rest of the world? What resources and tools are there available for us to boost growth of startups on our region? Where to look for startup funding? How to build born global startups from our region? Why do we need tech think-tank tanks?

Let’s see where we can find some interesting examples in our region. One of them might be Poland, with a new ecosystem built for start-up fostering based on close cooperation among entrepreneurs, state authorities, scientific community, with many instruments for local and foreign start-ups. These include: Start in Poland programme, with nearly 700 mln EUR to be invested in the development of start-ups, Scale Up Accelerators – the largest acceleration project in Poland, involving innovative start-ups, top accelerators and corporations, PFR Ventures – the largest platform in CEE operating as a fund of funds, and Poland Prize, aiming at encouraging innovative entrepreneurs from EU and non-EU countries to create ground-breaking products and services in Poland and to found their start-ups in Poland.

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I’m a Small Company, But I Like To Think Big: Online Marketing Case Studies - Anabela Luca (AdLemonade)

10 ways to grow fast, go international with your startup idea. Proven tactics and case studies from our agency’s clients that approached the global market.

Anabela is the CEO @ adlemonade.com and Certified Google trainer. Passionate about performance marketing, she started adLemonade agency back in 2012 to serve local and global companies in building awareness and bringing conversions in an effective, yet creative way, through smart online marketing. She served over 300 clients with budgets ranging from $500/month to $800.000/month, out of which some prominent names are Vector Watch, Smart Dreamers, Onyx Beacon, Unloq.io, Cyberghost, Green Horse Games, Jolidon, etc. Anabela considers that a good marketing strategy is when you stay focused on your objectives and flexible in your approach.

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Driving Personalization for Leading E-commerce Vendors

Find out how Cybersolutions is driving the personalization for leading e-commmerce Vendors in Germany and Austria. How the Technology of Adobe, Hybris and AI Algorithms are working together to offer the best customer experience.

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